Keep a Loved at Home, Reduce Care Costs and Help Them Stay More Independent.

Our Unique System is Designed to Fit Into Any Room and Give Easy to Access the Facilities You Need with Savings of up to 70% of Care Home and Home Renovation Costs.

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What is Bathroom in a Box and How Can It Help You?

Do you have a relative that struggles to get to the bathroom and or toilet?

Are you looking at care homes or renovating your home?

These choices are hard to take, can put extreme pressure on the financial resources of the family as they are so expensive.

We have have a way that you can keep your loved one at home longer, allow them to remain independent whilst massively reducing the financial burden of caring for them.

If you find getting to your bathroom difficult or you struggle with bathing, Bathroom in a Box could be the answer.

It’s a freestanding unit that contains a toilet, shower and wash hand basin. It can be fitted wherever you need it, in virtually any room in your home.

You can use it independently, but it’s also easy for someone to assist you too.

It could help you stay in your own home to enjoy your independence for longer. You can stop feeling like you’re a burden to anyone giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Bathroom in a Box offers incredible financial value and a way to give people their independence and help them stay in their own homes for longer.

It’s a freestanding unit containing a shower, toilet and wash hand basin.

It can be fitted in virtually any room in your home. You can have it fitted in or near your bedroom so getting to the toilet in the night is easier, or you can have it fitted downstairs so you are able to live independently downstairs if you choose.

It has been designed so you can use it independently or have the help of a carer if you need one.

It could help you stay in your own home for longer. You might not need so much help from loved ones, so you can feel less of a burden. It will also give your loved ones more peace of mind about how you’re taking care of yourself when they’re not there.

Bathroom in a Box helps you stay independent and gives your loved ones more peace of mind

Welcome, my name is My name is Paul Maguire and I am the owner and founder of Bathroom in a Box Ltd.

I developed Bathroom in a Box because I understand the distress having difficulty bathing causes.

My mother had MS for 40 years and I live with my elderly father-in-law so I see the difficulties first-hand.

I’ve also been fitting bathrooms professionally for 15 years and about a quarter of my work is in fitting mobility bathroom solutions.

Simple Solutions That Work for The Whole Family

Helping someone you care for stay at home at a low costs makes it easier for the whole family and helps them stay in their own environment as long as possible.

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