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A testimonial from Judith, a new user of Bathroom in a Box:

This facility is an absolute ‘God-send’ to us, as my wife cannot access our upstairs bathroom any more due to diagnosis of an age related illness, and severe mobility issues that she now has to deal with.

I also prefer to use the ‘bathroom in a box’, as it is very convenient, compact , efficient and much easier to keep clean.

The ‘bathroom in a box’, was installed in a downstairs room, which was converted into a bedroom, when my wife could no longer get up the stairs, We find the toilet and wash basin very useful, and the grab rails make showering much easier , as my wife felt very unsteady standing in the shower without any support.

We no longer need a commode in the bedroom, and having the unit in our downstairs bedroom, also means we have complete privacy and better hygiene, and it also allows for easier access, should my wife need any additional help.

Whilst it is still early days , the unit already appears to provide better economy, efficiency , convenience than another option that was available to us, such as moving home, or even going into sheltered housing.

It is the perfect solution to our current mobility issues, and provides peace of mind for the whole family including our two daughters.

I would also like to add that Paul McGuire installed the ‘bathroom in a box’ with minimum disruption, and within a very short space of time. Overall the quality of this product is very impressive and has enabled us to continue living at home, when we thought we would have to make  more dramatic changes. I would definitely recommend the ‘bathroom in a box’ to anyone, that is struggling with any mobility issues, or just requires an additional bathroom.

Stay In Your Home

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