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Janet and Ron

Janet (78) and Ron (81) live in Solihull and wanted to stay in their own home of 41 years. The thought of moving to a new home was simply “too much effort and not what they wanted?”. The prospect of moving was making Ron feel down.

Janet developed a neurological condition that has now been diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. When Janet first developed symptoms she needed help with the stairs and using the bathroom, quite apart from the stress and fear involved in not knowing what was wrong and what the future held for them.

They have a daughter locally (visited 4-3 times a week) and one in Warrington (who travelled down on the train every weekend) and fortunately Janet’s brother lives next door. During this time Ron was exhausted and unable to cope.

So they employed over night carers at £250 per night to assist Janet’s 5-10 bathroom visits through the night. In total they spent £9,400 on carers.

Just before Janet was diagnosed and went on the medication for Parkinson’s they had a Bathroom in a Box fitted in a downstairs room with a toilet, shower and wash hand basin.

Benefits of Bathroom in a Box

  • Janet and Ron no longer employ carers because they can cope together with the help of their daughter locally and brother next door.

  • Both do not go upstairs any more and all their needs are catered for downstairs.

  • Janet uses the downstairs toilet for privacy and a bit of exercise. Both use Bathroom in a Box for showering and washing.

  • Their daughter in Warrington does not need to travel down every weekend because she knows ‘Mum and Dad’ are safe.

  • Life is manageable and Ron can go out leaving Janet alone for short periods.

  • They are at home. They didn’t have to move house.

  • Together they are managing and ready to face the future.

Project Details


March 14th, 2016


Solihull Council


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