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Bathroom in a Box helps people stay living independently for longer

One of the most rewarding things about Bathroom in a Box is the difference it makes to people’s lives.

Here’s the story of two of our customers as an example. (We’ve changed their names to protect their privacy.)

Judith (78) and Don (81) have lived in the same home in the West Midlands for 41 years.

Judith developed a neurological condition that has now been diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease.

Her condition meant she needed help using the stairs. She also needed help using the bathroom, which was particularly difficult because she needed it frequently, often between five and ten times a night.

For a while, the family rallied round. One of their daughters lives locally and was able to pop in three or four times a week. Their other daughter lives further away but travelled down by train at weekends. Judith’s brother lives next door and was able to help. But the majority of the care fell to Don.

After a time, the situation was affecting them both. Don was exhausted and felt unable to cope. It upset Judith to see her husband struggle.

But moving to a new home was not what they wanted. In fact, just the thought of it was making Don feel even more down.

The first solution they tried was to employ carers, which cost £250 a night. They spent £9,400 on carers but knew the solution was unsustainable.

It was then they heard about Bathroom in a Box.

They moved their bedroom downstairs and had their Bathroom in a Box installed in their new bedroom.

It has transformed their lives.

They live entirely downstairs, therefore they no longer need to use the stairs or have a stairlift installed.

Judith uses the downstairs toilet because this provides privacy as well as a bit of exercise for her. They both use their Bathroom in a Box for showering and washing.

Judith and Don no longer need to employ carers because they can cope by themselves with the help of their daughter locally and Judith’s brother next door. Their other daughter who lives further away does not need to visit every weekend and knows her mum and dad are safe.

Don is even able to go out for short periods of time.

Above all, life is manageable, and they are still living in their own home.

What Does Judith think of the Bathroom in a Box?

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