Stay In Your Own Home – Get a Bathroom In A Box

For Individuals

Bathroom in a Box helps you stay independent and gives your loved ones more peace of mind

If you find getting to your bathroom difficult or you struggle with bathing, Bathroom in a Box is for you.

It’s a freestanding unit containing a shower, toilet and wash hand basin.

It can be fitted in virtually any room in your home. You can have it fitted in or near your bedroom so getting to the toilet in the night is easier, or you can have it fitted downstairs so you are able to live independently downstairs if you choose.

It has been designed so you can use it independently or have the help of a carer if you need one.

It could help you stay in your own home for longer. You might not need so much help from loved ones, so you can feel less of a burden. It will also give your loved ones more peace of mind about how you’re taking care of yourself when they’re not there.

VAT Exempt (0%) Over 60’s – VAT (5%) Full VAT (20%)
Setup And Installation £1,950.00 £2,047.50 £2,340.00
Bathroom in a Box £3,800.00 £3,990.00 £4,560.00
Total £5,750.00 £6,037.50 £6,900.00

The majority of customers will qualify for full VAT exemption (click here to find out more).

The Cost Of The Alternatives

As well as giving you your independence, Bathroom in a Box also makes better financial sense than many of the alternatives.  Additionally, installation involves significantly less upheaval and disruption than the alternatives.

VAT Exempt (0%) Full VAT (20%)
Alter Existing Bathroom £2,000.00 £2,500.00
Build Downstairs Bathroom \ Wet Room £6,600.00 – £16,700.00 £8,000.00 – £20,000.00
Stairlift £1,666.00 – £3,333.00 N/A
Overnight Carers Up to £1,500.00 Per Month N/A
Care Home Fees N\A Between £3,000.00 to £5,000.00 Per month

Because Bathroom in a Box is freestanding, it is easily removed when you no longer need it. It means the value of your home won’t be affected in the same way as it would be fitting a mobility bathroom.

We charge £450 for deinstallation, which includes minor repairs to decoration in the rooms affected by the Bathroom in a Box. If the unit is less than two years old, we offer a buy back scheme of up to 25% of the unit cost, including free deinstallation.

Recycle The Bathroom in a Box – Buy Back Offer

In the first 12 months 25% of net cost £950 + FREE De-installation
12- 24 months 10% of net cost £380 + FREE De-installation

De-installation Cost

This includes minor repairs to decoration in the rooms affected by the Bathroom in a Box installation: £450

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VAT Exemption

To qualify for VAT exemption you must meet the following criteria:

VAT exemption is applicable to a person who is ‘chronically sick or disabled’.  This is defined as suffering with a long term condition, as opposed to acute or short term illness/condition. It excludes someone who is suffering an injury or condition of a temporary nature. Being elderly in itself is not necessarily considered a disability , although we accept that many elderly people have secondary conditions that do meet the criteria.  (strong>Source:  taken from HMRC email statement HMRC ref; 19 20 1518.  4th October 2019).

Bathroom in a Box Ltd has a form that you must sign stating your condition.  This is kept on record in case HMRC wish to inspect our VAT records.

Stay In Your Home

Bathroom in a Box will help you stay where you want to be: at home. Contact us to find out how we can help you stay there.

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