Stay In Your Own Home – Get a Bathroom In A Box

For Local Authorities

Bathroom in a Box helps social care budgets go further

As a local authority, you’re facing pressure from all sides to make your social care budget go further.

Bathroom in a Box offers a compelling solution for people with issues with mobility and bathing.

Bathroom in a Box is a freestanding unit that contains a toilet, shower and wash hand basin. It can be installed in virtually any room in a home.

It can be installed in an upstairs bedroom so getting to the toilet in the night is easier. It can be installed downstairs to give a person a more independent life without the dangers associated with using the stairs.

It helps people stay in their own homes for longer and reduces pressures on funding.

You can find out more about the way Bathroom in a Box works here.

The Costs of Bathroom in a Box

As well as making good practical sense it also makes good economic sense when compared to the alternatives.

Bathroom in a Box costs £3,800 to purchase and £1,950 to install, excluding VAT.

If renting the unit is preferable, installation is £1,950 with a monthly rental cost of £550 excluding VAT.

VAT Exempt (0%) Over 60’s VAT (5%) Full VAT (20%) Rental Option (0% VAT) Rental Option (5% VAT) Rental Option (20% VAT)
Setup And Installation £1,950.00 £2,050.00 £2,340.00 £1,950.00 £2,050.00 £2,340.00
Bathroom in a Box £3,800.00 £3,990.00 £4,560.00 £550.00 / month £577.00 / month £660.00 / month
Total £5,750.00 £6,040.00 £6,900.00

The Alternatives

VAT Exempt (0%) Full VAT (20%)
Alter Existing Bathroom £2,000.00 £2,500.00
Build Downstairs Bathroom \ Wet Room £6,600.00 – £16,700.00 £8,000.00 – £20,000.00
Stairlift £2,000.00 – £4,000.00 £N\A
Overnight Carers Up to £1,500.00 Per Month £N\A
Care Home Fees £N\A Between £3,000.00 to £5,000.00 Per month

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Stay In Your Own Home – Get a Bathroom in a Box

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